Photovoltaics - Simply economical

Ultra-modern, optimally coordinated components make a solar system almost maintenance-free. All units are designed to have a maximum service life. Inverters usually have a warranty of five years and producers of solar modules even guarantee you up to 25 years of service.
The electrical connection of your photovoltaic system turns out to be very simple: The electricity produced by the solar modules is automatically transformed into a form by the inverter, which is suitable for the public electricity system. Numerous monitoring and automating functions ensure a smooth operation of the system. You will still receive your own electricity from the old counter of the public electricity system.

The only thing you still need to do is the settlement with your energy supplier.

Solar Energy - Good Arguments

  • The amount of solar energy the earth receives every day corresponds to 10.000 times the amount of energy that daily is needed worldwide.
  • The overall roof surface area in Germany could cover approximately 115 % of the German annual energy demand.
  • A photovoltaic system reduces the annual CO2 - emissions by approximately 0.8 kg per generated kWh.
  • A photovoltaic system pays off thanks to a government-guaranteed feed-in tariff and low-maintenance technology, however also efficient own-consumption can make it very profitable.
  • Solar energy is silent, clean and odourless.

Get ahead of others on the way into the future and get in now!

Solar Systems - Architectural Design

No matter if new or old building, canopy, carport or garage – a solar system can be integrated perfectly as an architectural element and increases the value of your building. Do you have a pitched or a flat roof? Would you like to integrate the solar modules into the roof and do without tiles? Do you need shade, i.e. for your winter garden? Or do you want to equip your façade with solar modules? For special uses you can receive coloured or even transparent solar modules. So you have almost unlimited possibilities to integrate a solar system into your building.

For any kind of system, roof and project, AS Solar is your competent and reliable partner. Together with you, our team will find the optimal solutions, perfectly fitted to you individual needs.  


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